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The Bungalow Reunion

On 6 November, 2016, Lincoln/Bravo H.S. Alumni Association held a very special event, “the Bungalow Reunion,” at the Old Wilson High School site.

Yes, the Bungalows were still there, or most of them, just where we left them in June of 1990! But, they now are used as a LAUSD police center.

By the way, for those of you who graduated between 1984 and 1987, these are the same bungalows you had your classes in at the Cornwell site. They were moved to the Wilson H.S. site in the summer of 1987 to make way for the building of Bravo, which opened its door in September of 1990.  If you attended Lincoln Medical Magnet High School between 1984 and 1990,   before it became Bravo, you will probably remember calling it the “Little Magnet,” the “Bungalow Magnet,” or the “Parking Lot Magnet,” which is why we called Event the “Bungalow Reunion.”  

While all Bravo Alumni were invited, and students currently attending Bravo came to help out with setting up and provided entertainment, most of the 100 or so Alums and their families who came had attended school at the little “Bungalow” Magnet.  It was an incredible day: reuniting with high school friends, and catching up with peers and former teachers not seen, in many cases, in more than a quarter of a century!

It was definitely a day to make your Memory Book filled with food, fun, and wonderful old friends, classmates, and former teachers. Old Panorama Pictures and Memorabilia were on exhibit, and Old Videos of Bungalow Events were played continuously as well as 1980s music. Live entertainment was graciously provided by Bravo’s current Mariachi and Jazz bands.

Can you imagine attending a school with no hallways; no library; and no gym!  Can you imagine having to run for the shuttle bus to Lincoln H.S. - back and forth from the “Little Magnet” to the big high school?  Or having to run up and down that long hill from Wilson so you could get to class or get lunch?  This is what school was like at the Bungalow School. Yet, these former “Little Magnet” students loved, and still love their school.

What was it about the “Bungalow Magnet” that brings back such fond memories to all of us who attended it or taught there?  Warm and encouraging friendships, close relationships, a learning community full care and love, an extended family, and a great place to grow up!