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The current Board of Directors of Bravo H.S. AA is an Interim Board. The sole purpose of this interim Board is to establish a legal framework for Bravo AA, and to administer and conduct its business until such time as the duly authorized membership of Bravo AA is able to hold elections as specified in its Bylaws, The members of the Interim Board were appointed by the Bravo Incorporator, Bob Spears, who is also the Initial  Registered Agent, and his advisory committee,  (Rosa Maria Hernandez, Susan Dang, and Rowena Vrabel) by a simple majority voice vote. The Interim Board has the power to appoint chairpersons and interim class representatives.

The Interim Board will be terminated no later than (3) three years after the Incorporation of Bravo AA, or as soon as a duly elected Board and duly elected Class Representatives, as specified in the Bylaws, are in place.  Interim Board members, who are also Alumni, may run for elected positions as officers of the Board, or as class representatives, regardless of having served on the Interim Board, if they are in good standing with Bravo H.S. AA.

The Interim Board of Directors of Bravo AA

  • President: Rosa Maria Hernandez
    Founder and Former Principal, Retired

  • Vice- President: Robert Rae Spears III
    Former Assistant Principal, Retired

  • Treasurer: Susan Haunani Dang
    Former Teacher, Retired

  • Recording Secretary: Rowena Krisel Vrabel
    Former Teacher, Retired

  • School Liaison Officer: Glendy Ramirez (’95)

  • At Large Officer: Marisol De La Cruz (‘99)

  • At Large Officer: Ani Armenouhi Dongelyan (’99)

  • At Large Officer: Michael Kingsley Fong (’94)

  • At Large Officer: Marty Edwin Gabourel (’85)

  • At Large Officer: Cynthia Mejia (‘11)

  • At Large Officer: Berta Patricia Morales (’89)

  • At Large Officer: Irving Pacheco (’95)

  • At Large Officer: David Eunseok Ryu (’93)